Madison County Missouri Government

Treasurer's Office

Nadean Rice, Treasurer

Welcome to the Madison County Treasurers Office!

Nadean Rice was elected as County Treasurer, took office in 2011 for a four year term and has worked at the Courthouse since 1991. Hopefully the following information will give everyone a better understanding of the Treasurers duties.

The County Treasurer is an elected official responsible for receiving, distributing and investing all funds for the County and ensuring that monies are correctly segregated into separate funds as required by law. Madison County has 20 plus funds to maintain. The County Treasurer is responsible for distributing checks to Regional Library and for the County Schools and other entities when monthly property taxes are turned in.

As Treasurer of Madison County, it is my responsibility to receive funds, whether it be cash, checks, direct deposits, etc. from different entities throughout the county as well as the State of Missouri and the U.S.

All monies received are entered into the counties computer data base whereby a report and triplicate receipts are generated and funds correctly posted to the appropriate accounts. A deposit is then made into the counties contract bank account.

Expenses are paid from these operating accounts as needed. When checks are written the appropriate accounts are debited, matching the bank account balance and computer general ledger.

Several years ago the opportunity presented itself to sign up for Internet Banking. Now we have assess to all our bank accounts on a minute-by-minute basis for all the County held accounts. We are able to monitor our balance as all times and make transfers and deposits as needed.


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