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Public Administrator

Carol LaChance, Public Administrator

Carol LaChance was elected to office in November 2012. The Public Administrator position is a four year term which expires in 2016.

Public Administrator Responsibilities

The Public Administrator am a court appointed Guardian/Conservator for any individual that has no one else to take this position for them. By making affordable decisions with the amount of funds they have available, I strive to create a safe, comfortable daily living condition for my clients. This could be the amount of money they receive for groceries to the type of residence such as an apartment or facility in which to live. Their best interest is always my main concern. I work closely with the Division of Aging, Division of Family Services and other government programs. Being accountable to the Courts, I must maintain meticulous records as I am required to file annual settlements.

Contact Information

Carol LaChance
Public Administrator
1519 Madison 209
Fredericktown, MO 63645
Phone # (573) 783-3970

1 Court Square
Fredericktown, MO 63645
573-783-3410 Prompt 5
FAX: 573-783-5351

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