Madison County Missouri Government

County Clerk's Office

Donal E. Firebaugh, County Clerk

Madison County Clerk Donal E. Firebaugh was elected to office Novmber 2006 and officially took office January 1, 2007.  The County Clerk holds a four year term and is a seat that is elected by the county at large. 

The County Clerk's office is the central point of the county government. Daily operations include the daily administration of the county's business, conducting elections, personnel administration, flood plain management, and a host of other administrative functions. The County Clerk is considered the Chief Administrative Officer, Budget officer and Clerk of the County Commission.

Our Deputy Clerk is Jessica Stevens.


The County Clerk is the local election authority and is responsible for conducting all elections in the county, whether the election is for federal, state, county, school, city, or special purpose district candidates or issues.

The County Clerk's office maintains the voter registration files for the county and conducts voter registration throughout the county.

The County Clerk maintains files on any local candidate or committee who is required to file a Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement.

You may register to vote at the following locations:

  • County Clerk’s Office
  • Missouri Department Of Motor Vehicles
  • Division Of Family Services
  • Health Department

Liquor License

The County Clerk's office issues liquor license for the county.  Any establishment offering intoxicating beverages for sale at retail in the county, whether in an incorporated or unincorporated areas, is required to have a county liquor license in addition to a state and city license.

Clerk Of The County Commission

The County Clerk maintains a permanent record of the proceedings of the County Commission, the governing body of the county. Minutes dating back to 1821 have been found.

The County Clerk's office issues Notary Public Commissions.

The County Clerk's office administers the personnel system for the county as it pertains to employee salary, benefits, and other related personnel issues.

Contact Information:

#1 Courthouse Square
Fredericktown, MO 63645

Phone: (573)-783-3410 option 5
Fax: (573) 783-5351


To have an event added to the Bulletin Board please Email

1 Court Square
Fredericktown, MO 63645
573-783-3410 Prompt 5
FAX: 573-783-5351

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