Madison County Missouri Government

Assessor's Office

Sue Harmon Yount

Sue Harmon Yount, Assessor

Assessor’s Responsibilities

The Madison County Assessor is responsible for the assessed valuation on all real and personal property within the county in accordance with Missouri Law. The assessor does not establish tax rates, issue bills, or collect or refund taxes. The Assessor’s office strives to keep all records and maps updated with information from the recorder’s office and field review. The personal property information is maintained from declarations mailed by the assessor’s office and returned completed by the taxpayer. The assessor’s office prepares the MO form 948 for taxpayers filing a MO-PTC. The assessor’s office strives to give the taxpayers and citizens the highest level of service and respect.


Address: 1 Court Square
Fredericktown, Mo 63645
Phone: (573) 783-3325 Ext 6 Fax: (573) 783-8482

Office Staff

Sandy Bone: Deputy Assessor, 783-3325 Ext 312
Paula K. Francis: Deputy Assessor, 783-3325 Ext 313

1 Court Square
Fredericktown, MO 63645
573-783-3410 Prompt 5
FAX: 573-783-5351

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